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Best Guide Related Easy Chat Apps Of 2022

The need for easy chatting apps in 2022

The easy chat apps available for both Android and iOS make it convenient for people to connect with friends, families, online clients, or business dealers. You can send texts, pictures, videos, or make voice calls. Staying in touch has been a major issue following the social distancing endorsed by the pandemic. Some apps even allow facilities like playing games with your friends on the other end of the line or swapping pictures. Some apps even manage collaboration and productivity when workers can reach out to their colleagues when they have any queries while working remotely. However, before downloading such applications you need to be cognizant of the fact that these apps fulfill your needs and are not just adding an unnecessary burden on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other device’s limited storage capacity.  

To assess which app suits you best consider if it falls under the following criteria:

  • Does this app offer video and voice chat?
  • Can the user make group chats?
  • Can I use it on my desktop?
  • Are there any annoying ads on this app?
  • Is it free to use?
  • Will my conversations be private and free from third-party interruption?
  • Will I be able to send and accept files?

Some Easy Chat Apps

WhatsApp Easy Chat App

This app has the most users across the globe and allows free voice and video calls or instant text messages. The option of using WhatsApp web on any browser is accessible or you can simply download the desktop version of Windows and Mac operating systems. It is part of the Facebook family so it seems that it will also incorporate some properties from Messenger. However, some users have shifted to other apps due to WhatsApp’s change of policy for personal data, forcing you to share more data with Facebook.

It is a very suitable solution to connect with friends or business associates as so many people use WhatsApp. The numbers which are saved in your contacts will automatically appear on your WhatsApp log provided that they too have an account. This easy chat app allows voice, video, and group chats, end-to-end encryption, and the option to send or receive files anytime. There is no extra cost for using the app other than the data charges when your device is not connected to WiFi.

In Android, WhatsApp offers the feature to make a shortcut to a chat with a person or group of your choice and place it on your home screen so your favorite conversation is only a click away. Moreover, the broadcast feature on WhatsApp enables you to send a message to 256 people simultaneously so you have a large audience that you can engage. You can also save yourself from the disturbance of notifications on WhatsApp group chats by muting such groups for either eight hours, one week, or even up to a year.  

Facebook Messenger

Although Facebook’s attitude towards user data has turned away some of its users, it still remains a popular chatting app, especially among most Americans with about 105 million users. Facebook is not only the largest social network but also the second biggest messaging app in terms of active monthly users. This is because Messenger can take advantage of the extensive reach that Facebook offers so you can message all your friends on the social network as Facebook continues to add many more features. For instance, the Facebook Messenger Rooms were introduced that could cater up to 50 people at most. Similarly;y, with Messenger you can connect freely with anyone who uses Facebook.

You also don’t need to have Facebook to use Messenger, just download the latter app and make your account on it. What is interesting is that Messenger users can now talk to people on Instagram without having to upgrade the app. The users sign in through Facebook and there is a constant influx of features. You just need to sign in to your Facebook account and send others the usual chat messages, voice or video calls to other Messenger users through GIFs, photos, or location sharing options too.

You can even call someone’s PC from your phone and vice versa so communication is possible at all times no matter what device you are using. There are many gaming options on Messenger to have fun with your friends or you can even play solo according to your preference. Through Messenger’s many integrated third-party app extensions you can share recipes, flight details, or any news updates. Through Facebook’s code scanning feature you can add other Messenger users by scanning their unique IDs. This app is available on Android, iOS, and Windows 10, there’s also an unofficial version for macOS named Messenger for Mac.


This grew popular as a chatting app because of its self-destructing photo and video sharing facilities. The addition of new attractions to this messaging app has maintained its hype amongst younger users. You can send snaps – messages, pictures, or short videos which disappear after a short amount of time after viewing. Snapchat also introduces more fun-filled characteristics such as filters, photo editing options, bitmojis and stickers, a more advanced story-sharing system, and an adaptive chat.

This easy chat app for both Android and iOS is unique as it sends multimedia snaps that are stored for a limited time before vanishing forever. The snaps can be sent privately to a chosen receiver or even viewed by a selective group of followers. It can be used for live video and voice chatting.

This was perhaps the first app to allow augmented filters to be applied on already captured images. Have fun exploring these filters that give you a flower tiara on your head or some cute cat ears, an animated outfit, or some clouds in the sky behind you. As a business, you can use Snapchat to create a sponsored lens to market your brand. Brands like Taco Bell, Kraft, and Gatorade have used this app to appeal to younger audiences. You can send out your personalized bitmoji avatars for Snapchat allowing you to use them in your multimedia messages. The same goes for Snapchat stories which will help you update your friends, families, or clients about your day’s event or highlights. These snaps last 24 hours and can be shared with your followers. 


Microsoft’s Skype is well-known for being one of the oldest and most famous chat apps. You can text message, video chat or voice call your contacts all for free. Apart from the very basic free features that Skype offers, there are premium ones as well. Traditional calls can be made to regular phone numbers which are both on cell phones or landlines. Nevertheless, this feature is not free and the cost depends on which region you are calling. For the free version if you want to call a large number of people at the same time you can include a limit of 25 at a maximum. When you want to expand the reach of your business use one of Skype’s digital international numbers.

Feature charges

Even though this feature charges a little, it will make you connect with users from 27 other countries where this feature is available. Through skype’s screen sharing feature, you can walk your friend, family member, or business associate through a process and show them what you are working on. Platforms that support this easy chat app are Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

While it is best for video and voice call functionality, the app is now emerging as a successful messaging service. You can send videos or messages to other skype users even when they are not online. Skype credits can be used to make calls to other mobile phones or landlines. There is cross-desktop functionality between mobile and desktop along with the business-friendly feature in Skype’s professional version that has kept it relevant even in today’s mobile-dominated world. Microsoft is also trying to increase the power of bots for Skype so artificially intelligent programs can handle tasks like reservations. 

Line Easy Chat App

This easy messaging app is famous in Japan and has expanded to more than 600 million users worldwide. This is categorize as one of the best chat apps due to its photo, video, audio, and location-sharing features along with a social network-like Timeline system. A large number of group conversations and calls can be make such as 200 members and also the option to make paid international calls to mobile and landline numbers.

Through Line, you can also follow your favorite celebrities or online businesses through their professional channels so that you can keep updated about all the current happenings revolving around the things you love! There is a “Keep” feature too so you can store images, videos, and messages and later share them with your contacts when needed. The line has a large user base in East Asia, especially in the regions of Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan. This app offers a wide range of features allowing value-adding functions.

These include Line Games, which you can play with your friends; Line Pay, for sending and receiving money; Line Taxi, to call a cab; and Line Today, with today’s top news. If you want to have fun with emoticons then Line is your best choice for it has stickers that are only exclusive to this app. You are able to send photos in high resolution. However, if you want to save data then you can even send pictures in lower resolution. Here you have a dedicated timeline to post updates for all your contacts to see. There are costs associate with some of Line’s premium features, such as dialing a landline and non-Line members (costs depend on location).


This is a very popular chatting app in China with 1 billion users and is now looking to extend globally as well. As many other chat apps are block throughout China. This is your go-to option to keep in contact with the people in the country. It is consider the third most popular app in the world for easy chatting. There is free messaging, video and voice or group chat, multimedia messages like images, videos, audio or stickers, etc. At most 500 people can participate in the chats and then a Time Capsule feature gives you the ability to create video messages which then disappear after a day. There are some user-friendly features such as “Friend Radar,” “People Nearby” and “Shake” so you can quickly be notified of the people around you and chat with them.

The Android Wear and Apple Watch apps are also available to take your chats to your wrists. WeChat is call the “app for everything” due to the many more chat features that are available than usual such as social media functions, location sharing, broadcasting to multiple recipients, as well as mobile payment features. The mobile payment capabilities of WeChat are so powerful. That it is posing serious competition for VISA Card, Mastercard, and American Express. Many chats or social networking apps are not available in China like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, WhatsApp or Line. As a marketer, WeChat is the best app through which you can reach clients in China. Moreover, WeChat also enables you to send personalized e-cards. Or messages for any particular occasion like birthdays, valentine’s day, or New Year. 


This is perhaps the leading messaging app for users who are security conscious. There is a fast, encrypted chat messaging, with client-server encryption for standard chats. The Secure Chat mode allows end-to-end encryption so that only you and the receiver can read the chats. Messages can be set to self-destruct and you can share videos. And documents or participate in group conversations with over 200 people. This is an Ad-free app but is rather underrate.

It is one of the most popular apps in Iran and Uzbekistan. The demarcating feature of this easy chatting app is that. You can communicate with thousands of people at the same time. The users can create groups of about 200,000 members which is beyond the capacity of other messaging apps. You can avoid the ads and fees associated with other apps. Telegram has a native app for many platforms so it is support by most of them. Unlike many other chat apps.


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